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Okra and Kamote Ensalada

Give the usual steamed okra, kamote tops and other vegetables a more visually appealing and more appetizing make-over with this simple salad recipe. It just takes a few more minutes of preparation than the usual but gives one big gastronomic satisfaction.
Here's a simple recipe for Okra and Kamote Ensalada

  • Okra
  • Kamote tops 
  • Fresh tomatoes, sliced
  • Onions, chopped
  • Onion leaves, chopped
  • Vinegar or Calamansi juice
  • Ground Pepper
  • Sugar
  • Olive or Sesame Oil
How to make Okra and Kamote Ensalada
  1. Wash okra and kamote tops. 
  2. Steam, boil or even mcrowave the vegetables until cooked.  
  3. Prepared dressing by mixing vinegar or calamansi juice (or combination) with ground pepper, sugar, and oil. I put no exact measurements as it will just be concocted to suit your own taste.
  4. Neatly arrange in a plate playing with the colors of the vegetables for a visually appealing presentation. 
  5. Drizzle with just half dressing concoction then serve the rest in a separate bowl.
One can also incorporate sauteed bago-ong or salted egg into the dressing for differently delicious vegetable salad. Other vegetables like radish and ampalaya or fruits like green mango can be added for a mix and match vegetable salad. Namit gid!

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