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Managat Food Festival at SEDA Atria

The managat (mangrove jack) was once considered a pest in the culture of bangus for they eat the milkfish fingerlings. But now, it is now a prized delicacy that it commands such a high price in all the places where it is served.
Charcoal Grilled Managat with Pickles and Mango Salad Greens
As of this writing, it is at PhP845/kilo and one fish can weight as much as 600grams. Usually, an order consists of having the upper (butterflied) half made into a soup dish and the lower part, grilled. But there's more to sinabawan, sinigang or sinugba to this prized Ilonggo seafood. 
SEDA Atria recently held a bloggers and media preview for it's forthcoming Managat Food Festival. The hotel's main dining outlet - Misto, will soon offer a festival of flavors showcasing the managat. 
Pan- Fried Managat
From August 15 to November, 15, 2017, hotel guests can enjoy these eight different managat gastronomic creations - seasoned and cooked to perfection by SEDA Atria culinary team led by Chef Albert Ledesma! 

Lechon Manok Paksiw

Non-fish paksiw recipe is almost always limited to pork especially left-over lechon. It's the default left-over whole roasted pig recipe especially during big occasions like fiestas. Lechon Manok on the hand is very common nowadays that every street corner all across the country has one lechon manok stand. It already has become a staple and quick ulam especially for dinner when you just buy and serve with on the table. And most of the time there's none left, unless you bought it all for yourself. So here's an adapted recipe that will surely make us enjoy chicken as lechon paksiw. 

Foodie Love at Iloilo Business Park : The Gastronomic Adventure Begins

And what beginning it was on that fateful Monday!  Five restaurants and around 8 hours of binge eating started our gastronomic adventure at the Iloilo Business Park. Megaworld Corporation's PhP35-billion township, built on the former Iloilo airport, is not only home to hotels, condominiums BPO offices and convention facilities, but it is also a food haven for the Ilonggos!
The 1.1 kilometer Festive Walk Parade is set to be come the longest dining and shopping strip in this part of the country. Adjacent to BPO offices and the soon to open Festive Walk Mall, it is a gastronomic showcase of local and homegrown food joints as well as big players in the food service industry.
Reminiscent of the Santana Row in California, it also has touches of art noveau and art deco that also pays homage to Iloilo City's very own Calle Real. The row of restaurants and retail shops is complemented with wide arcades and landscaped walkways making the stroll of the entire Festive Walk Parade one captivating and lively experience.

Pineapple, Ampalaya and Century Tuna Salad

Now if you're intimidated upon reading ampalaya or bitter gourd as part of this salad, don't be. This refreshing salad has more sweetness to it (thanks to the pineapples) than the bitterness (of the ampalaya) that forms in your mind and tastebuds. Enjoy this healthy salad and you'll never look at bittergourds the same way again... I hope.
Here's the recipe for this healthy and refreshing Pineapple, Ampalaya and Tuna Salad.

Baby Squid in Olive Oil

Tired of the usual adobo and grilled stuffed squid? Try this easy to cook and delightfully good Baby Squid in Olive Oil recipe. It could be your next specialty in the making!

Here's a very simple recipe for Baby Squid in Olive Oil

Eat's All at SM Southpoint : Live by Healthy Kitchen

Don't we all love pizza? Be it pepperoni, margherita, 4-cheese or Hawaiian, we always look forward to the generous toppings and the gooey mozzarella cheese. There are even dessert pizzas with chocolates, fruits and more. But most of these pizzas we all love are considered junk food because of the high amount of refined carbohydrates, fat and sodium it contains. But some are the opposite like this Herb, Roasted Garlic and Shrimp Pizza.
SM City Iloilo invited members of the Iloilo Bloggers Inc. for a gastronomic adventure showcasing SM Southpoint. 
SM Southpoint makes dining al fresco a lot better with lots of greeneries and open spaces.

The newest hang-out of the Ilonggos is an al fresco wing of the biggest mall in the region consisting of local and home grown restaurants and cafes as well new local and "imported" players in the food service industry. It's time to discover what SM Southpoint has to offer ... 
"Promoting healthy living through healthy eating" is LIVE's tagline. The health food restaurant/store by Healthy Kitchen caters to the health conscious Ilonggos who want to nourish their body as well as their mind and soul! “I  want to contribute positively to our society so what I can do, in my own little way, is to start educating or introducing different health food that not only tastes good but could also contribute to one's overall health and wellness” said Myka Perlas, owner of Live by Healthy Kitchen. (source)

Turbo Oven broiled Lechon Liempo

On special occasions at home, these crispy golden brown liempo are always a staple. Aside from being visually appetizing and delicious, it is very easy to prepare - that is if you have the right equipment. Our ever reliable turbo oven (maybe over 20 years?) has been giving us these delicious crispy slabs of liempo ever since I can remember.

Pinamalhan na Bangus

Bangus or milkfish is one of the most abundant and versatile fishes around. It can be cooked in so many way - sinugba, pinirito, sinigang, paksiw and relyeno, among others. One of the easiest yet delectable is cooking it paksiw Ilonggo-style called pinamalhan. It rooted from the Hiligaynon word "mala" meaning dry.
Here's a simple recipe for Pinamalhan nga Bangus.

Eat's All at SM Southpoint : Spicy Elements

Tinumok and Kandingga. Can you guess which part of the country these dishes come from? More dishes as clues - Tinutungan Manok and Kinunot. How about these final dishes - Laing and Bicol Express? Now you know that these are the part of the Bicolano food scene that sets our palate's on fire!
SM City Iloilo invited members of the Iloilo Bloggers for a gastronomic adventure showcasing SM Southpoint
SM Southpoint is a great nightspot with its wide array or restaurants perfect to cap the day. 
The newest hang-out of the Ilonggos is an al fresco wing of the biggest mall in the region consisting of local and home grown restaurants and cafes as well new local and "imported" players in the food service industry. It's time to discover what SM Southpoint has to offer ...
Craving for those Bicolano specialties? There's no immediate need to visit the Bicol region (but I would love to do so) just to try them as  Spicy Elements brings the famed (and flaming hot) Bicolano cuisine to the Iloilo gastronomy scene. With branches in Taytay in Metro Manila and in Cagayan de Oro, this grill-steaks and bar may seem very typical modern resto yet its menu is very extensive especially on Filipino cuisine.

Healthy Lobo-Lobo "Torta"

Lobo-lobo are tiny silvery fishes often referred to as "dulong" in some places. Often sold in wet markets sold in "cups" or in groceries inside ready to cook styro packaging. And most of the time they often end up either fried as torta or steamed inside banana leaves. But how about a "healthier" recipe that's the result of combining the two recipes. Let's do it!
Here's a recipe for a Healthy Lobo-Lobo "Torta"


Whether for a fiesta or any special occasion, embutido is a perfect dish to serve. Not only it adds presentation and flavour to any menu, it is also among the more familiar items that need no introduction. And as there many occasions. there are many recipes as well as tweaks in making embutido.  
Here's a recipe for Embutido

Eat's All at SM Southpoint : Gourmet Dimsum Cafe

There's a new dimsum place in town and they're serving dim sum all imported from Singapore! And they have more to offer other than  Chinese specialties of small steamed or fried savory dumplings served on small steamer baskets.
SM City Iloilo invited members of the Iloilo Bloggers for a gastronomic adventure showcasing SM Southpoint.
SM Southpoint creates a relaxing mall experience with its wide garden space and al fresco ambiance.
The newest hang-out of the Ilonggos is an al fresco wing of the biggest mall in the region consisting of local and home grown restaurants and cafes as well new local and "imported" players in the food service industry. It's time to discover what SM Southpoint has to offer ...
Gourmet Dimsum is among the new "imported" players calling SM Southpoint its new home. "Imported" since they have a branch (or two) in Manila and almost everything you eat here is imported from Singapore. 

Kamote Tops and Okra Ensalada

I love making on-the-spot appetizers and side dishes. Usually, I just check out the fridge and pantry to see what's available and then start my "experiment". Seeing that there was more than okra and kamote tops, it took no more than a second for me to decide to make one of my fave side dishes. And it is as easy as 1-2-3...
Here's a simple recipe for Kamote Tops and Okra Ensalada

Pancit Molo ala "Lomi"

I was craving for Lomi but all I had were mostly ingredients for Pancit Molo, so I decided to combine the specialties of Iloilo and Batangas into one, I must say delicious, noodle dish. Though, it's not really the authentic recipe for the Batangueno soup but it satisfied my lomi cravings. And it's very easy to make despite how heavy and complicated the resulting dish becomes. It's more of the fact that the noodles used are Pancit Molo wrappers and meat are the filling but you can also use dried flat noodles and plain ground meat.
Here's a recipe for my Pancit Molo ala Lomi.

Iron Grill : Smokin' your favorites at SM City Iloilo Foodcourt

I'm still torn between the Cheesy Backribs and Baked Oysters even if it's been a few days since our food binge at the newest tenant of the SM City Iloilo Foodcourt - Iron Grill. I definitely love ribs but certainly cannot say no to baked oysters too!
The taste combination of the juicy backribs and the cheese toppings creates a savory sweet gastronomic sensation that you'd just keep on indulging on the meaty-cheesy rice bowl. The cheese-garlic-oyster trio aside from having a "sumptuous" aroma could make you suffer a food coma since you will be having difficulty stopping eating the delectable baked shellfish. The dilemma...
Iron Grill, owned by Lilac Jean Orleans and Jeffrey Tio, at the foodcourt of SM City Iloilo started to entice the mall-goers last June. It combines American concept of food offering with some local favorites and focuses mainly on grilled specialties.

Chicken Afritada

Whether it's a special occasion or just when you feel like eating it, afritada is an easy dish to make. While pork afritada is the more popular one, the chicken variant is also a favorite. Using poultry makes this dish a lot healthier than red meat at the same time cooking time is faster.
Here's a simple recipe for Chicken Afritada


Apan-apan is an Ilonggo favorite sidedish yet often times it can become a viand as it is a flavorful combination of kangkong and bago-ong cooked adobo style. One can even add slices of meat or even tulapho for a tastier version. As it is like adobo, the variations of this dish varies widely but still simple to make.
Here's a simple recipe for Apan-apan

Chicken Estofado

Estofado is just like cooking adobo and it becomes more flavorful when it is a day-old or two. More on the sweeter side, the recipe I grew up with has pineapple juice and anisado wine or anisette. And it involves a lot frying before especially when its pork estofado. Though one can do away with the frying but it wont be the same.

Here's the recipe for Chicken Estofado

Hot and Sour canned Mackerel Soup with Okra

Aside from tuna, my favorite canned seafood to be experimented on is canned mackerel in natural oil. I like to make some tweaks on the natural oil it comes with and my best dish so far is making a sort of savoury sinigang of out this canned seafood. Let me teach you how...

Home-made Cheese Pimiento Filling

I love Cheese Pimiento and I am sure you love it too! I like how the cheese and the bell pepper create creamy and sweet flavor with hints of tanginess. While most of this filling is conveniently available in stores already bottled, sometimes there's a desire to make our own to suit our tastebuds. And it is very easy to make as ingredients are just in our cupboards and in the groceries.
Here's a very simple Cheese Pimiento Filling recipe

Kinilaw na Guso

The are many different types of edible seaweeds but lato, gulaman and guso are the most popular. They are a staple in most seaside communities households and restaurants. And the best part is that preparing them into an appetizing salad / kinilaw is very simple.  
Here's a recipe for a simple Kinilaw na Guso

Ginisang Sayote, Talbos ng Kamote at Giniling

When there's fried or grilled meat or seafood, a vegetable side dish is often its partner on the table. There are lots of veggie side dishes in my blog - Okra-Kamote Ensalada, Apan-apan, Kamote Tops with Salted Egg Sauce, Adobong Puso ng Saging and many more. Here's another simple simple dish that even first time cooks can do in a flash. How about some Ginisang Sayote, Talbos ng Kamote at Giniling?  

Here's the simple recipe

Fruits and Tapioca Salad

Tapioca (or sago) is an essential ingredient of native delicacies and desserts like linugaw and taho. But now it has found its way to more "modern" desserts like puddings and salads. With the availability of cooked "sago pearls" in the market and in different size, making these desserts is just simple and easy.

Here's a recipe for Fruits and Tapioca Salad


I really find the name of this dish funny when I was a kid. It sound nonsense then but now when I hear "hototay", my stomach grumbles upon anticipation of this delicious .meat and vegetable dish soup. Though recipes may differ from restaurants to households - it still is one Chinese dish that satisfies hungry Filipinos. 

Here's a simple recipe for Hototay

Nilatik na Kalabasa

Also known as linutik, this dish basically it is mashed kalabasa cooked in coconut milk and the recipe varies in different households. There are those who make nilatik as a soupy dish thus it can be likened to almost squash or pumpkin soup. Others lessen the liquid part making it thicker and more solid. But whatever the variation is, it sure is an eye-catching nutritious dish you can easily make at home.

Here's the basic recipe for Nilatik na Kalabasa

Pinamalhan na Salmonite

Salmonite got its name from the its pinkish hue and its among the more attractive local fishes around. It can be cooked kinamatisan with a "sauce" of tomatoes and onions to give it sweet and sour flavour. The fish when filleted and dried makes a perfect fish tocino. But most of the time, it is cooked pinamalhan at home to bring out the freshness of the fish at the same time enjoy the flesh.

Here's a basic recipe for Pinamalhan nga Salmonite

Sotanghon Guisado

Whether a soupy dish or not, sotanghon is one of my favorite noodles to cook with. I like the texture of the noodles as well as its ability to absorb much of the flavor. I like the Marca Pato brand here in Iloilo as it "soft and fluffy" - I don't know if these are the right words, when cooked. Nonetheless, any dish with this brand is just deliciously good.
Here's a basic recipe for a Sotanghon Guisado where you can tweak using more or less ingredients of your choice.

Inihaw na Pusit

Grilled stuffed squid is one of the most inviting grilled seafood there is. Be it in a seafood restaurant serving grilled specialties or just in the comfort of your home, the gastronomic lure of inihaw na pusit is too tempting to resist. The preparation is just simple - just stuff the squid with tomatoes and onions , add seasoning and then grill until ready. The trickiest part when cooking squid in general is how to avoid making it rubbery as overcooking it will make it that way.
Here's a basic Grilled Stuffed Squid recipe that you can make easily at home.

Ginisang Upo at Togue

This simple sauteed dish consisting of these two vegetables plus shrimps and pork is one of the favorites as the taste of the two veggies collide at the same time mix in a good way. Kalubay is what Ilonggos call upo or bottle gourd and tawgi sounds like togue which are monggo sprouts. 

Here's a simple recipe for Ginisang Upo at Togue

Fruit and Sago Salad

Create a visually appetizing and delicious fruit salad using fruits and sago. The ingredients are conveniently available and the recipe can be tweaked to its availability at the same time to your personal taste. Just let your imagination be part of the procedure in creating your very own Fruit and Sago Salad.

Here's a simple Fruit and Sago Salad recipe

Giniling with Saging na Saba

Saging na saba is known as the cooking variety of banana most popularly used is Filipino meryenda like bananaque and kumbo (or maruya) and desserts like minatamis na saging and banana chips. It used in some Filipino dishes like pochero and nilaga. But one of the easier recipes we have at home using saging na saba is with ground pork or giniling na baboy. As the usual giniling recipe calls for potatoes, carrots, peas and bell pepper, this one just consists of saging na saba - though at time we use some belleppers too!
Here's the recipe for Giniling with Saging na Saba

Leche Flan

Leche Flan. There's no need to introduce this dessert as the name alone creates vivid memories of very popular and Filipinized caramel custard. Often at the center of the dessert table, leche flan is basically made of eggs and milk topped with sugar caramel. It's almost everywhere- restaurants, fastfood and even carinderias. But the best leche flan is the one that brings back the memories of home, of your childhood.

How to make Leche Flan

Sinigang na Pata

I love using pata (pork hocks) in some of my pork recipes and sinigang is just one of them. The combination of the meat and the fat is just too delicious to resist especially if it almost falls off the bone. 

Here's the recipe for Sinigang na Pata

Adobong Mani with Garlic Chips

Adobong Mani is the most popular way Pinoys enjoy peanuts. Sold along the streets, sold in mall stalls or peddled all around even jeepneys and buses, fried peanuts are perfect munch on the go most especially if "accompanied" by a generous amount of fried garlic - that is if you have a suki mani vendor. If not, then you just content yourself with the "measly" garlic or you can make your own!
Here's a simple Adobong Mani recipe

Daing na Bangus

Daing na Bangus or pakas nga bangrus is among the most common ways of serving milk fish. As there are a "hundered and one ways" of cooking bangus, daing is among my personal favorite and good thins its easy and simple to prepare. One can even buy ready to cook daing na bangus in wet markets and the fish section of groceries. But you can also make your own so you can put ingredients that suit your taste or experiment with it.
Here's the recipe for Daing na Bangus

Garlicky Fried Pork Adobo

There are many ways of cooking adobo - be it pork, chicken or vegetables. And the recipes varies from region to region and even household to household. The most common is pork adobo and this alone has many variations including my favorite - garlicky fried pork adobo. And it's like cooking the usual pork adobo just with more garlic and frying the pork to a crisp!

Here's a simple Garlicky Fried Adobo Recipe


Pulboron is a staple in most bakeshops and is a favorite Pinoy candy-cake mix. While there are so many variations available, making your own polvoron makes you choose the ingredients of your choice and the flavor you love.

Here's a basic recipe for Pulboron.

Guisadong Patola with Ground Pork

Patola is one of my favorite vegetables. I like how subtle it tastes yet quite distinctive and its soft texture you get can still have a bite with it. It deliciously blends with other vegetables when made into dishes like laswa or tino-um with mushrooms. It's also cooked with miswa for a great tasting soup.

Here's a basic recipe for Ginisang Patola with Giniling which can also be made into a Miswa Soup.

Pancit Palabok

Pancit Palabok is one of my personal favorite noodles dishes. I just love the combination of the ingredients creating various taste contrasts as well as texture. Here in Iloilo, I am fond of the palabok served at Balbi's located at the St. Elizabeth Center along Valeria Street. I also crave and go for Jollibee's as well as Mang Inasal's version of the Pinoy noodle dish. Also, the Sunday Family Feast Buffet at The Promenade at Days Hotel Iloilo has a Pancit Palabok station which I really love. And if time permits making one at home is also a treat!

Here's a basic Pancit Palabok recipe

Ube Halaya

Making ube halaya is just simple but it tends to be almost tedious especially the mixing. The most important is that you make sure you have quality ube (purple yam), preferably the tapul variety. That's easy if you have a trusted and dependable suki at the market who won't shortchange you by substituting purple sweet potato. 
And if you're ready for the challenge, here's a simple recipe  to make a delicious Ube Halaya