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Adobong Pusit / Squid

How do you love your Adobong Pusit? For me, I like it when the ink is is blackest and sort  saucy. Among the most popular ways of cooking squid, makign squid adobo ombines the Pinoys favorite way of cooking - adobo, with one of the most delicious bounty of the sea. For some, the blackness of the dish is a sort of turn-off but to those who have discovered the gastronomic delights of this cooking; it's a taste of heaven - on a plate with hot rice!

Here's a simple recipe for Adobong Pusit

Nilagang Bulalo

Bulalo is one of the most popular beef soups and can be found in different parts of the country. But the bulalo "country" is Batangas and some parts of Cavite like Tagaytay. Like most dishes, the recipe tends to vary from one region to another but the basic is just it is slowly boiled beef shanks with bone (marrows) with an assortment of vegetables. Its one easy recipe but takes a lot of patience to prepare since it requires hours of boiling the meat until tender that it almost falls off the bones...

Here's  a basic recipe on how to cook BULALO

Pritong Lumpiang Togue

Be it filled with meat, vegetable or mix of both, FRIED LUMPIA is always an enjoyable treat . The gastronomic sensation of having crispy fried lumpia dipped in vinegar garlic sauce (or sweet chili sauce) always makes me salivate just with the thought. Usually its a mixture of ground meat and vegetables when we make lumpia, but at times if we made a big batch of pancit molo filling then it also makes a good fried lumpia. Fishes like bangus and tilapia also makes delicious lumpia filling.

Here's a basic Fried Lumpia recipe


The stickier the consistency the better. That's how I love my kutchinta. Among the most popular native delicacies or kakanin, the are so many variations to its recipe. Some are not as sticky as the others yet still having that signature taste. Others also are visually different having colors like yellow or even green from the original dark orange-brown hue. But nonetheless, its still our own preference that would tell apart a delicious kutsinta. 

Here's a simple Kutsinta recipe

Crema de Fruta

Crema de Fruta is one of the more visually appetizing desserts and among the more complicated ones that people often just buy from their favorite bakeshops. This dessert is basically a layer of sponge or chiffon cake, custard, canned fruits and clear gelatin. For me, its the quality and taste of the custard  filling and sponge cake that makes a delicious Crema de Fruta
Here's a recipe for Crema de Fruta