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Hot and Sour canned Mackerel Soup with Okra

Aside from tuna, my favorite canned seafood to be experimented on is canned mackerel in natural oil. I like to make some tweaks on the natural oil it comes with and my best dish so far is making a sort of savoury sinigang of out this canned seafood. Let me teach you how...

No-cook Pastillas

One of the yummiest gifts I received this Holiday season was a big batch of pastillas de leche. I like that it has a tamed sweetness and had the right  density - not too hard nor too soft. The recipe of making pastillas very simple and one can just let his creative mind do the work in making it more special.
Here's a basic pastillas recipe.


Ilonggos really love valenciana because most if not all have grown accustomed of having it in almost all occasions like fiesta, brithdays, reunions and all other occasions thus I love calling it as the "occasional dish".  Basically, "go, grow and glow" dish, it has the carbohydrates, protein and vitamins and minerals in just one spoonful. And it can come in its simplest form with just malagkit rice, pork, chorizo and bell peppers to some fancy with additions like raisins, peas, chicken, hardboiled egg (just garnish though), etc. 
Here's the recipe for Valenciana

Paksiw na Pata

Paksiw nga Pata (pork hocks) is almost like cooking adobo but at home it has hints of estofado. No, it doesn't have fried saba and/or pineapples but it is sauce tends to be sweet almost bordering on the taste of the latter. Making pinaksiw nga pata is simple but tends to have a slow cooking time. But in the end its worth the wait nd you'll be almost screaming "extra rice"!
Here is the recipe for Paksiw na Pata

Adobong Pusit

Adobong Pusit or lukos is among the most popular ways of cooking squid. It combines the Pinoys favorite way of cooking - adobo, with one of the most delicious bounty of the sea. For some, the blackness of the dish is a sort of turn-off but to those who have discovered the gastronomic delights of this cooking; it's a taste of heaven - on a plate with hot rice!

Here's a simple recipe for Adobong Pusit