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Pork Chop Steak ala Bistek

Adapted from the Filipinized version of beef steak, pork chops can be made ala bistek. The recipe simply calls for the use of pork chops instead of slices of beef. It's the savory combination of marinade that eventually becomes the sauce that makes the dish a rice magnet. The mix of flavors of the onion, soy sauce and calamansi creates is simply too tempting to resist.

Here's a simple and adapted recipe for Pork Chop Steak

White Salad

So what's a White Salad? It's just a Fruit or Buko Salad with all the white (and off white ingredients). Simple as it may seem, this could turn into one of your favorite salads and desserts for any occasions and events. Preparation is easy and the recipe can be easily tweaked to add more of your favorite "white" ingredients. 
Here's an easy recipe for White Salad

Pata with Monggo, Kalabasa at iba pa

There are many ways of cooking pata (pork hocks). I've made sinigang, kare-kare, paksiw, ala "lauyaand of course, there's crispy pata. Yet one of the simplest recipes but still very delicious, it making it part of ginisang monggo. The soft and almost fall-of-the-bone pata (slow-cooked) plus the familiar taste of  ginisang monggo makes the dish

Here's the recipe for Pata with Monggo, etc


Pancit Palabok is one of my personal favorite noodles dishes. I just love the combination of the ingredients creating various taste contrasts as well as texture. While it is just easy to buy from our suki palabok stalls or fastfood, making one at home surely makes this labor of love a lot more delicious

Here's a simple Pancit Palabok recipe

Weekend Grill Cookout at The Avenue

With nothing much to do on a Saturday evening, I found myself at The Avenue complex trying out its Weekend Grill Cookout. The lure of the delectable food from the five restaurants plus the entertainment it provides its guests, it's a surefire way to enjoy the weekend. 
The Avenue Complex is among the premiere and the first restaurant rows in Iloilo City that started around 10 years ago. It has 6 restaurants and cafes, a function room and a club making it a complete dining and entertainment destination. 
There's Bauhinia for re-imagined native Ilonggo and Filipino cuisine, Mojave for Tex-Mex cuisine and steak lovers, Amalfi for Italian, Bourbon Street for American (and my favorite backribs), Nothing but Desserts for all your sweet cravings and Coffeebreak for your caffeine fix. The Venue Function Rooms can accommodate parties, meetings, receptions and more ranging from 40 to almost 200. And Aura Chill Out Lounge are for those who want to chill, drink and dance the night away.
The Weekend Grill Cookout features select items from the menu of Bauhinia, Mojave, Amalfi and Bourbon Street that basically on the grill. You can have Inihaw na Sibingan, Texas Pork Ribs,  Steak Florentine and a whoel Rack of Ribs from each to the restaurants. But you can still have non-grilled items on the menu, it's just grilled specialties are highlighted.