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Chicken Afritada

Whether it's a special occasion or just when you feel like eating it, afritada is an easy dish to make. While pork afritada is the more popular one, the chicken variant is also a favorite. Using poultry makes this dish a lot healthier than red meat at the same time cooking time is faster.
Here's a simple recipe for Chicken Afritada


Apan-apan is an Ilonggo favorite sidedish yet often times it can become a viand as it is a flavorful combination of kangkong and bago-ong cooked adobo style. One can even add slices of meat or even tulapho for a tastier version. As it is like adobo, the variations of this dish varies widely but still simple to make.
Here's a simple recipe for Apan-apan

Chicken Estofado

Estofado is just like cooking adobo and it becomes more flavorful when it is a day-old or two. More on the sweeter side, the recipe I grew up with has pineapple juice and anisado wine or anisette. And it involves a lot frying before especially when its pork estofado. Though one can do away with the frying but it wont be the same.

Here's the recipe for Chicken Estofado

Hot and Sour canned Mackerel Soup with Okra

Aside from tuna, my favorite canned seafood to be experimented on is canned mackerel in natural oil. I like to make some tweaks on the natural oil it comes with and my best dish so far is making a sort of savoury sinigang of out this canned seafood. Let me teach you how...

Home-made Cheese Pimiento Filling

I love Cheese Pimiento and I am sure you love it too! I like how the cheese and the bell pepper create creamy and sweet flavor with hints of tanginess. While most of this filling is conveniently available in stores already bottled, sometimes there's a desire to make our own to suit our tastebuds. And it is very easy to make as ingredients are just in our cupboards and in the groceries.
Here's a very simple Cheese Pimiento Filling recipe