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The "Paluto Experience" at Vista Mall Iloilo

Inspired by the "dampa-style" restaurants dotting the seaside across the country, the PALUTO section inside All Day Supermarket at Vista Mall Iloilo, gives the Ilonggos a new dining experience. 

Tastes like home even when its not home-coked

With the convenience of an air-conditioned environment and the ease of pushing a cart, it is "paluto" taken to a whole new level!

The kitchen army at All Day Supermarket
To make the most out of this experience, take time to be early (the mall is open from 9am to 9pm) for when it nears lunch or dinner time, the line and waiting time tend to be longer.

Paluto 101
You start by checking out what kind of dish is available and you want on the PALUTO menu. Don't worry, they have a wide variety of Filipino specialties to choose from.

Ginisang Monggo

There many ways of cooking GINISANG MONGGO as the recipe varies from household to household. It's basically just a mix and match of the leafy vegetables and sliced veggies plus the subak or meat/seafood add-ins. And is often a perfect partner of fried or grilled fish and meat, ginisang monggo is a staple in Pinoy gastronomy. 

Here's a simple recipe for Ginisang Monggo with many variations to choose from.

Valenciana: An Ilonggo Favorite "Occasional" Dish

A complete "go, grow and glow" dish because it has the carbohydrates, protein and vitamins and minerals in just one spoonful, Valenciana is also an "occasional dish". Found in almost all occasions like fiesta, birthdays, reunions and others, Ilonggos really love valenciana because most if not all have grown accustomed of having it in special gatherings at home.  And it can come in its simplest form with just malagkit rice, pork, chorizo and bell peppers to some fancy with additions like raisins, peas, chicken, hard-boiled egg (just garnish though), etc.

Here's the recipe for Valenciana

Sweet and Sour Fish

 Whenever there are some left over fried fish at home, chances it will end as either cardillo or sweet-and-sour. While the former is cooked by adding beaten egg to the sauteed fried fish for a savoury dish the latter has the vinegar and sugar combination that creates a flavourful sauce for the fish. And there so many variations to the sweet and sour fish recipe but all point to the delicious mix of "sugared vinegar"!

Here's the recipe for Sweet and Sour Fish

Turbo-broiled Pork Belly

On special occasions at home, these crispy golden brown liempo are always a staple. Aside from being visually appetizing and delicious, it is very easy to prepare - that is if you have the right equipment. Our ever reliable turbo oven (maybe over 20 years?) has been giving us these delicious crispy slabs of liempo ever since I can remember.

Chicken Sotanghon Guisado

I love making sotanghon guisado one using shredded chicken with lots of ground pepper. And cooking one is just very simple and this recipe can be used in making either a dry pancit sotanghon guisado or a soup version. Whether a soupy dish or not, sotanghon is one of my favorite noodles to cook with. I like the texture of the noodles as well as its ability to absorb much of the flavor. I like the Marca Pato brand here in Iloilo as it "soft and fluffy" - I don't know if these are the right words, when cooked. Nonetheless, any dish with this brand is just deliciously good.

Here's a basic recipe for a Sotanghon Guisado where you can tweak using more or less ingredients of your choice.