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Garlicky Fried Pork Adobo

There are many ways of cooking adobo - be it pork, chicken or vegetables. And the recipes varies from region to region and even household to household. The most common is pork adobo and this alone has many variations including my favorite - garlicky fried pork adobo. And it's like cooking the usual pork adobo just with more garlic and frying the pork to a crisp!

Here's a simple Garlicky Fried Adobo Recipe

Bangus Sinigang with Puso ng Saging

I love puso ng saging, be it kinilaw or adobo but my ultimate favorite is when it is made of part of sinigang na bangus. It's a really simple dish - just cook like the way you make sinigang and instead of radish, okra and other sinigang veggies, just use puso ng saging.
Here's the recipe for Sinigang na Bangus with Puso ng Saging.


Mention laswa and a merry mix of vegetables would come to mind. This is a perfect "realization" of the Filipino folk song "Bahay Kubo" which narrates an abundance of vegetables beside the traditional Filipino hut. Laswa has no definite list of ingredients nor way or cooking as it is just "stewing" available vegetables, not only from the garden, but what's inside your fridge or you bought from the market.It ranges from the simple all vegetable dish to ones having seafood like shrimps, crabs and more. But in the end it all boils (pun intended) down to what you prefer at the same time, what is available.
Here's a simple recipe for Laswa


There are many ways of cooking tahong or green shells. Grilled, baked with cheese, as a soup - just name it, you can cook have it.  The simplest of course, is just steaming it or making it into a soup since it's just  boiling it with some spices and voila - a simple yet delicious dish is born! 
Here's a simple way to cook Tahong.


The original "Sarap to the Bones", Bulalo is one of the most popular beef soups and can be found in different parts of the country. Like most dishes, the recipe tends to vary from one region to another but the basic is just it is slowly boiled beef shanks with bone (marrows) with an assortment of vegetables. Its one easy recipe but takes a lot of patience to prepare since it requires hours of boiling the meat until tender that it almost falls off the bones...
Here's  a basic recipe on how to cook BULALO

Le Papillon Bleu in Santa Barbara, Iloilo

There are so many things to do when you visit the historic town of Santa Barbara, Iloilo. You will be amazed its beautifully restored church and convent, see one of the biggest Philippine flags atop one of the tallest flagpoles, tee in the oldest existing golf course in the country, explore its attractive plaza, discover the Philippines' only hand-made Belgian lace making facility and so much more.
You can also indulge in the town's popular native snacks - baye-baye, bingka, rice crackers, and more. Quench your thirst with its "mysterious" drinking water that is colored like whisky and "it burns".

But you can also satisfy and fulfill your gastronomic cravings as well as make more Instagram worthy posts when you chase "The Blue Butterfly".
Le Papillon Bleu is a "pleasantly comfortable and cozy" restaurant along Hingco Street in Sta. Barbara, Iloilo. 
And it defines "homey" quite literally as you enter the house and find yourself in the living room. 
You take a seat, place your orders and play some games while waiting since most are freshly cooked upon order.
So what's "in the house" at Le Papillon Bleu?

For snacks, they serve batchoy but a healthier version of this Ilonggo specialty - with vegetables like carrots, cabbage and sayote. 
 You can also have a Club Sandwich, a refreshing calamansi juice (whoa! PhP38 only ) or hot tea.
A certified sweet tooth? The crepes are must orders - coming in many variants like strawberries, choco-banana, coffee, cinnamon, caramel and more!
 French toasts comes with hot tea - perfect combo!
But if your prefer cold drinks, go for the shakes! Not only delish but Instagrammable too - like this BananaBerry shake.
Need a heavier meal? For lunch and dinner, you can choose from the different Rice combo meals!
They have longganisa and fried chicken wings with sides such as mix veggies and eggs. And that's catsup served atop oregano leaves - talk about presentation!
And they have mini sausages too!
How about some crispy fried fish fillet? You can order it as combo with chips and fries for a perfect pica-pica!
The Pancit Bam-e had all the works on top and is among the best sellers in the noodles menu along with canton, sotanghon and bihon 
One of my faves - Spicy Sizzling Sausage. No second thoughts needed, just order it!
Among the more interesting orders is the Veggies in a Nest Salad. Greens topped with apples, oranges and hardboiled egg with crispy fried noodles. Don't forget the yummy black sesame dressing!
Here's a closer look at the Coffee Twist Crepe - perfect for coffee lovers!
Luscious Strawberry crepe!
A pot of hot calamansi makes a perfect ending to all this indulgence.
Now it really feels and tastes like home, doesn't it?
So the next time, you find youself in Santa Barbara, Iloilo, go chase "the Blue Butterfly" and discover its delicious gastronomic offerings. Or better yet, schedule a food-date with your friends! It's a food trip you'll never forget...

Le Papillon Bleu
Hingco Street, Santa Barbara, Iloilo

Tel. No. 523-9739
Facebook Page: Le Papillon Bleu

BONUS: Le Papillon Bleu offers massage services too!