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Kansi, they say, is the Ilonggo version of bulalo. As both specialties make use of beef shanks, it is often believed to be. But when you actually have tried kansi, you'll taste and see the difference.. Kansi is a cross between bulalo and sinigang as this Ilonggo specialty make use of batwan, a local souring fruit. So if you love bulalo and sinigang, chances are, you'll love kansi.

Let's taste and see! Here's a simple Kansi recipe.

Pancit Molo

Pancit Molo is among Iloilo's culinary specialties and a great contribution to the Philippine gastronomic scene. Named after one of the city's districts, Molo, the dish has an obvious Chinese influence being like the wonton. No wonders there as Molo is a rich Chinese enclave where generations of old Ilonggo families in the area have family ties to the Chinese - from other parts of the country and to China, itself.
One of the first questions always asked is "Where's the Pancit?". With pancit as a sort of "prefix" to the name of the dish, first timers always for the noodle-like component of the dish. It's then explained that the pancit is actually the molo ball wrappers which is basically of the same mix as any pancit/noodles.

And here's one basic recipe for this much beloved Ilonggo soup - Pancit Molo