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Pineapple-Cheese sandwich filling

If you love this combination on top of you pizza or even burger, chances are, you'll definitely dig in this very simple sandwich filling. Its a combination of flavor and texture that creates this yummy filling - the creaminess of the cheese and the sweetness of the pineapple.

Fruit of the Day: Lomboy

I got these lomboy or duhat for PhP10/plastic cup from a fruit vendor. It's been a while since I had one so it was the right time to reconnect with the taste of our "childhood". My fondest memories (and I would say most of you) would be gathering these fruit, placing it jars with salt then shaking it vigorously to enjoy its fruity goodness. So when was the last time you had lomboy?

Pinoy Meryenda: Halo-Halo

Halo-halo is most probably the most popular Pinoy dessert not only here in the Philippines but also abroad. It's a visual feast of colors of its different ingredients, a melange of flavors and texture, and a perfect cooler/dessert. 
There are a thousand and one ways of making halo-halo but basically it's just a mix of crushed iced, milk, sugar and the works (leche flan, ube halaya, kaong, nata, sago, sweetened beans, minatamis na saging, sweet potato, fresh fruit , and a whole lot more - yeah lots of it.). It is also often topped with ice cream, most popular of which is the ube (purple yam) flavor.

Pinoy Meryenda: Banana Cue

Almost anywhere in the country you'd find fried caramel-sugar coated saba bananas on barbecue sticks. But in the homes, skewers are not part of the preparation as one can just enjoy with a fork. And I always crave for the ripe bananacue - soft and naturally sweet on its own on top of the coating. Good thing, there are just a few who prefer this kind.

Here's a very simple recipe for a home-made banana cue. Happy cooking!

Monggo Guisado

Often a perfect partner of fried or grilled fish and meat, ginisang monggo is a straple in Pinoy gastronomy. There many ways of making this mung bean soup as the recipe varies from household to household. Its just a mix and match of the leafy vegetables and sliced veggies plus the subak or meat/seafood add-ins. 

Here's a simple recipe for Ginisang Monggo with many variations to choose from.

Pinoy Meryenda: Nilagang Saba

I love boiled saba bananas especially those ripe bordering on being over ripe. Its soft and sweeter thus more appetizing for me. And it gets even better with a butter spread oozing from its warm and smooth surface. Even with bananacue, I still prefer the over ripe one as it gets even sweet on every bite. So what's your nilagang saba like?


Pinakbet is an Ilocano specialty that made its way into the entire Filipino gastronomy. It's a merry mix of vegetables with meat all embraced by the Pinoy favorite - bago-ong. There are many ways of cooking pinakbet and its mainly on the meat component and the type of bago-ong used. But the vegetable component almost remain the same - kalabasa, ampalaya, sitaw, okra and talong.

Here's a simple recipe for Pinakbet using the Ilonggo bago-ong called Guinamos.

Crispy Guinamos-Kalkag

Guinamos is the local shrimp paste usually used flavouring dishes at the same time a favorite dip for green mangoes, when sauteed. Kalkag, on the hand, are dried "baby" shrimps usually half an inch long. They both come from these baby shrimps, with guinamos (it is salted and pounded until it becomes a paste) and for kalkag (it is salted and sundried). 

Here's a recipe combining guinamos and kalkag into one crispy-licious treat!

Fruit of the Day: Sarguelas

One of the most missed fruits especially those outside the country is sarguelas or siniguelas. Aside from the sweet-mildly sour taste of the fruit, it also brings back the childhood memories of most Pinoys. Whether it was climbing on the tree to get these fruits or that unfortunate fall that followed such climb - it still makes good memories altogether.