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Managat Food Festival at SEDA Atria

The managat (mangrove jack) was once considered a pest in the culture of bangus for they eat the milkfish fingerlings. But now, it is now a prized delicacy that it commands such a high price in all the places where it is served.
Charcoal Grilled Managat with Pickles and Mango Salad Greens
As of this writing, it is at PhP845/kilo and one fish can weight as much as 600grams. Usually, an order consists of having the upper (butterflied) half made into a soup dish and the lower part, grilled. But there's more to sinabawan, sinigang or sinugba to this prized Ilonggo seafood. 
SEDA Atria recently held a bloggers and media preview for it's forthcoming Managat Food Festival. The hotel's main dining outlet - Misto, will soon offer a festival of flavors showcasing the managat. 
Pan- Fried Managat
From August 15 to November, 15, 2017, hotel guests can enjoy these eight different managat gastronomic creations - seasoned and cooked to perfection by SEDA Atria culinary team led by Chef Albert Ledesma! 

Lechon Manok Paksiw

Non-fish paksiw recipe is almost always limited to pork especially left-over lechon. It's the default left-over whole roasted pig recipe especially during big occasions like fiestas. Lechon Manok on the hand is very common nowadays that every street corner all across the country has one lechon manok stand. It already has become a staple and quick ulam especially for dinner when you just buy and serve with on the table. And most of the time there's none left, unless you bought it all for yourself. So here's an adapted recipe that will surely make us enjoy chicken as lechon paksiw. 

Foodie Love at Iloilo Business Park : The Gastronomic Adventure Begins

And what beginning it was on that fateful Monday!  Five restaurants and around 8 hours of binge eating started our gastronomic adventure at the Iloilo Business Park. Megaworld Corporation's PhP35-billion township, built on the former Iloilo airport, is not only home to hotels, condominiums BPO offices and convention facilities, but it is also a food haven for the Ilonggos!
The 1.1 kilometer Festive Walk Parade is set to be come the longest dining and shopping strip in this part of the country. Adjacent to BPO offices and the soon to open Festive Walk Mall, it is a gastronomic showcase of local and homegrown food joints as well as big players in the food service industry.
Reminiscent of the Santana Row in California, it also has touches of art noveau and art deco that also pays homage to Iloilo City's very own Calle Real. The row of restaurants and retail shops is complemented with wide arcades and landscaped walkways making the stroll of the entire Festive Walk Parade one captivating and lively experience.

Pineapple, Ampalaya and Century Tuna Salad

Now if you're intimidated upon reading ampalaya or bitter gourd as part of this salad, don't be. This refreshing salad has more sweetness to it (thanks to the pineapples) than the bitterness (of the ampalaya) that forms in your mind and tastebuds. Enjoy this healthy salad and you'll never look at bittergourds the same way again... I hope.
Here's the recipe for this healthy and refreshing Pineapple, Ampalaya and Tuna Salad.