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Steamed kamote tops with salted egg sauce

I just love kamote tops, whether in a sinigang dish or just plain steamed, I just love simple taste of this green and leafy vegetable. So with salted egg which is almost, always just mixed with fresh tomatoes. As if a gastonomic inspiration just popped in my head, I decided to combine both in one dish that had me salivating - event while making this blog post.
What I did was just to "crush" salted egg then add vinegar and black pepper for this "sauce" that eventually be part of some special occasion menu. Of course having salted egg almost everyday is sort of not really good for the health because of its salt content, thus the "special occasion". 

Here's the simple recipe for the Salted Egg Sauce.


  • 2 pcs Salted Egg
  • 3-4 tablespoons Vinegar
  • Black Pepper or Chili Powder
  • Olive or Sesame oil (optional)
How to make Salted Egg Sauce
  1. Scoop out the salted and chop/crush it finely but you can opt to have it"chunky" too.
  2. Add the vinegar and mix it thoroughly. Adjust the amount of vinegar to the consistency of the sauce you prefer. Add more for a light sauce or just a small amount for a thicker and "creamier" sauce.
  3. Add black pepper or chili powder. Mix well.
  4. If you opt for an oily consistency, a table spoon of sesame or olive oil (even just regular cooking oil) will do the trick.
This recipe can be used it for other steamed vegetables like okra, kangkong or pechay. And maybe in some dishes as well like steamed shrimps and crabs, among others. Hmmm...pasta with salted egg sauce sounds nice too.

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