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Bukayo is a native Filipino dessert delicacy which is made mainly with coconut strips and sugar. There are variants - moist and dry (also called bocarillo). The former is typically made into toppings and fillings for suman latik and inday-inday, among others, though I just love eating it right from the container. The latter is more of a hard candy type reminiscent of bandi, which takes a shape of its own and is more convenient to be eaten on the go.
Basically both share almost the same recipe with some more or less tweaks to make the other.

Here's a recipe to make Bukayo.

Hawaiian Kalo-kalo

The Holidays are almost over and when you check the fridge chances are, left-overs from the season of gastronomy still lurk behind. And luckily left overs re my specialty when it comes to making mix and match recipes, most especially after the Christmas and New Year.

If you still have ham left from your Noche Buena and Media Noche feast they would come perfect for this fried rice recipe call Hawaiian Kalo-Kalo (fried rice).

Pinoy Meryenda: Sinugba nga Mais

I love mais and it's usually the tinanok (nilaga) that I crave for. But upon passing by my suki mais corner, I happen to be captivated by the aroma of their sinugba nga mais so without much though I bought 4 pieces upon knowing that its only Php15/2 piece. Now that's really bargain and I will surely be back for more!

Salmonite Pinamalhan sa Iba

Salmonite got its name from the its pinkish hue and its among the more attractive local fishes around. It can be cooked kinamatisan with a "sauce" of tomatoes and onions to give it sweet and sour flavour. The fish when filleted and dried makes a perfect fish tocino. But most of the time, it is cooked pinamalhan at home to bring out the freshness of the fish at the same time enjoy the flesh.

Here's a basic recipe for Pinamalhan nga Salmonite sa Iba