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Rellenong Alimasag

When one talks about relyeno, it's always bangus that comes to mind. How about serving crabs using this cooking method! It's a much simpler recipe compared with making bangus relyeno as you avoid the task of being meticulous in handling the skin that will serve as "wrap".
Here's a simple recipe in making this appetizing Relyeno nga Kasag

Pork Sinigang with Gabi

One of the best pork sinigang for me is one that makes use of gabi (or taro) to make the broth richer and more malinamnam. You can do this the original way (use gabi and rice washing) or just a store-bought sampaloc mix for a delicious sinigang na baboy. (Warning: I love having a vegetable-overloaded pork sinigang).

Here's the recipe for Sinigang na Baboy with Gabi

Baked Talaba with Cheese and Garlic

I don't usually eat talaba but if it's baked talaba with garlic and cheese, bring it on! I just love it even more if there's a generous amount of cheese and fried garlic topping that the non-seasoned oyster eater like me are already satisfied by the "looks" and aroma of it. But baked talaba costs around 3x as much as the steamed talaba so why not make one at home.

Here's a very simple recipe for Baked Talaba with Cheese and Garlic

Spicy Adobo nga Takway

Takway is what Ilonggos refer to the part of the gabi plant that grows sideways, termed as tendrils. When scraped off of its outer skin and thoroughly cleaned, takway is often a key ingredient in vegetable dishes like laswa and the ginat-an dish consisting of the gabi tendrils and tubers with coconut milk and local snails know as bago-ngon. It is sold in local wet markets or in groceries (like SM here in Iloilo) already cleaned, packed and ready to be cooked. 
Spicy Takway Adobo
And the most popular takway dish is adobo style with guinamos, the local bago-ong. Cooking adobo nga takway is like cooking the usual adobo - and there are a hundred and one ways to do it. If you have an adobo recipe you are frequently using, just substitute pork/chicken or kangkong with takway and add bago-ong alamang then you're ready to go.

Here's a simple recipe for Spicy Adobo nga Takway

Lechon with Monggo, Puso ng Saging and Kamote tops

What to do with left-over lechon? More often it usually ends up as LECHON PAKSIW, but one can really have too much of it this Holiday season. Why not try this very simple and in some ways a "guilt-free" left-over lechon recipe.
Here's the recipe for Lechon with Monggo, Puso ng Saging and Kamote tops

Chicken Adobo sa Istiwitis (Annatto)

There are many ways of cooking adobo - be it pork, chicken or vegetables. And the recipes varies from region to region and even household to household. One of the variation of this favorite Pinoy recipe is  using achuete (annatto) to give a distinct flavour, color and aroma making it more visually appealing and of course more delicious.
Here's a recipe for Chicken Adobo with Achuete and one can tweak this recipe to suit his own taste and/or with the availability of ingredients especially those with limited sources.