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Miswa Soup

Miswa is one of the easiest noodles to cook with. In fact, it's like having an instant noodle with just a different look and without the seasoning that comes with it. Making dishes involving miswa is just limited by one's imagination as there are as many as the strands of noodles in a pack of miswa. One of the easiest and yummiest is Miswa with Sauteed Sardinas and my on the spot - Miswa with Okra and Egg Noodle Soup. The popular Lapaz Batchoy even has a Miswa Batchoy! And here's another simple miswa recipe that is just as delicious.
Here's a simple Miswa Soup recipe

Adobong Puso ng Saging

I just love puso ng saging (banana heart and blossoms) and mostly it is becomes part of sinigang na bangus. Yet there are many other ways of utilizing this ingredient as it can be a substitute to meat like in making burger patties, "veggie" (meat) balls and more. But the simplest of all would be making it into one of the most popular Filipino dishes - adobo!
Here's a recipe for Adobong Puso ng Saging

Hipon / Shrimps Galore

Shrimps are among the most popular seafood and there are some many way of cooking them. Even those first time in the kitchen can easily whip up great tasting recipes. The secret (or no secret at all) is the fresh quality of the shrimps - it pays to have suki in the market. So, let's star the shrimp jumping ...
Here are some easy Shrimp recipes...