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Butong or Coconut water

I just love butong! The refreshing taste of cold coconut water with buko strips is a great thirst quencher. Even if you're not thirsty, its one healthy drink. Oftentimes, I just drink it plain but sometimes I won't say no to one mixed with condensed milk or evaporated milk with sugar. Or some buko shake will do.
But in the end, it all goes back to the plain and simple buko juice...

Garlic Alugbati

I love alugbati! It's my favorite leafy vegetable though not as popular as kamote or kangkong tops for outside outside the region. It is known as malabar nightshade/spinach with a distinguishable red stem. It is usually paired with squash and meat/seafood for a simple yet delicious dish. It can also be  part of a laswa dish or as greens to ginisang monggo. But it is yummy on its own - boiled or stir-fried with another favorite - fried garlic.
Here's a simple Garlic Alugbati recipe


Kumbo is what Ilonggos refer to as banana fritters - saba dipped in batter then fried and sprinkled with sugar. Its  filling snack and easy to make at the same time tweak the recipe a bit to satisfy your taste and curiosity.

Here's a basic recipe for kumbo.

Pinamalhan nga Isda

Rooting from the word "mala" meaning dry, pinamalhan is an Ilonggo style of cooking fish where in the it is stewed until dry. It involves "stewing" the fish in vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, peppers and other spices until dry then add a bit of oil. Ilonggos love pinamalhan using almost any kind of fish and the recipe is very simple yet making one delicious dish.
Here's a basic Pinamalhan nga Isda recipe