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Bangus Sisig

No need to introduce sisig as it is one of the most popular and most adapted Kapampangan cuisine all throughout the country. As the recipe reaches its peak, many variations has taken off and one of them is considered "healthy" alternative as it involves seafood - bangus or milkfish. And there are as many ways of making bangus sisig as there are for the original pork sisig. Just choose one that fits your own taste!
Here's a simple Bangus Sisig recipe

Beef Mami with Egg

Delicious and flavourful - beef mami could satisfy any hunger almost all the time. Complete with carbohydrates, protein and the vitamins and minerals you get from vegetables it may come with, its a complete meal unto itself. Whether you enjoy it at your favorite place or one you can make at home, enjoy beef mami the way you like it! 

Here's a simple recipe for Beef Mami with Egg

Icebox Cake

The first icebox cake we made at home had broas as base. Later as the recipe "evolved" it became graham crackers and sometimes, chiffon cake baked or bakery bought. Just make sure that the cake is not so overwhelming in flavour so not as to contradict the over-all flavour.
ICEBOX Cake made with Grahams and Fruit cocktail
There are many ways of making an Icebox Cake and its very simple to make. While the original Icebox Cake calls for wafers and whipped cream, Filipinos tweak the recipe using local biscuits and a variation of fruits as toppings. 

Here's a simple recipe for an ICEBOX CAKE.

Miswa with Okra and Egg Soup

One of the fastest and easiest hunger-buster are those instant noodles wherein you'll just boil the noodles in water then add seasoning... hungry no more! But most of the time I tweak this instant recipe by making adding things I can find in the cupboard and fridge. Thus this instant and favorite recipe of mine was born.

Almond Jelly with mixed fruits

I love almond jelly! A staple mostly in Chinese restaurants, it's a refreshing dessert that is perfect to cap any hearty meal. At home it is also very easy to prepare and serves as a visual and gastronomic treat - even if there's no occasion. Just like most gelatin desserts, it's the preparation of the jelly that makes up all the "hard work" but when its done, all others just fall into place (or bowl). An enjoying dessert to prepare and finally, taste the fruits of your labor...

Here's a recipe for Almond Jelly with Mixed Fruits