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Pancit Bam-i Guisado with Choriso

Bam-i is a pancit specialty of Cebu that has been adapted in most pancit eating parts of the country. It's the usual recipe for a pancit dish with meat and vegetables but pancit bam-i is a mix of two noodles-sotanghon and canton (egg). Just like with most pancit dish, the recipe can be adjusted to satisfy your own tastebuds. And using choriso (longganisa) might be attuned to your taste.

Here's a simple recipe of Pancit Bam-i Guisado with Choriso (Longganisa)

Ginisang Bago-ong with Pork

Bago-ong or guinamos is a favorite Filipino condiment at the same time cooking ingredient. As condiment, you'll most likely picture slices of green mango being dipped or steamed vegetables like steamed okra, fried eggplant or steamed kamote tops. As a cooking ingredient, let's not go further than pinakbet and kare-kare -though its more like a dip for the latter. As simple as it gets, it is perfect for bago-ong fried rice. No matter how you eat bago-ong, it's surely  as good as it gets!
Here's a simple recipe for Guisadong Bago-ong with Pork.

Pinoy Meryenda: Linugaw

Linugaw (ginata-ang halo-halo/bilo-bilo) is a staple during Pista Minatay (Undas) in the province. Though it knows no specific occasion, it is always highlighted during All Souls Day at home. But Undas or not, ginata-ang halo-halo is a delicious treat.
Here's a simple recipe of making Linugaw


An obvious Chinese specialty, this dimsum have evolved for years and made it into the Filipino gastronomy. Now, almost everywhere across the country from restaurants to fastfood, there are so many versions of sio mai. And you can make yours too.
Here's a simple recipe of making Siomai

Pinoy Hotcakes

I just love the delicious and gummy feel plus the butter and sugar toppings that I can eat five of them in just one sitting. Even with so many hotcake mixes brands or places serving them, I still prefer and love these hotcakes sold in the streets especially during town fiestas or in town fairs.  Most premixed hotcakes recipes comes out soft and fluffy, while this one gummy.

Here's the simple recipe for this favorite streetfood