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Ginisang Upo, Togue and Kalabasa with Shrimps

I just love cooking a mix and match dish throwing what ever is available in the fridge. This time is another version of the Ginisang Upo at Togue dish that is simple and delicious. Actually, its just adding kalabasa and getting rid of the pork from the other recipe. Though this one is more soupy, you can adjust it to be more of a stir-fry dish that's perfect on the side. 

Here's a simple recipe for Ginisang Upo, Togue at Kalabasa na may Hipon

Pork Recipes Galore

Pork is probably the Pinoys most favored meat as there are as many pork dishes as the 7107 island making up the Philippine archipelago. Whether grilled, fried, sauced up, ground pork or in broth, there's one recipe that will surely tickle your tummy and fulfill your gastronomic fantasies!
Here are some links to several Pork Recipes posted on this blog

Pancit Bihon Guisado

One of most popular of all the pancit dishes in the Philippines is Pancit Bihon Guisado. From home to caridnerias, pancit bihon is a staple for its also the easiest pancit dish to prepare. It is a staple not only in most handaan, but also a a meryenda or snack. Made with rice noodles with assorted meat and vegetables, pancit bihon guisado is one delicious noodle dish even those who haven't cook can easily make.
Here's a simple Pancit Bihon Guisado recipe

Native Sweets

How many of these native sweet can you identify and at the same time miss? There's Pastillas in two forms - the rolled colorful ones and sliced tri-color. How about some Bandi? Called panocha in Luzon, this is made with peanuts and sugar clustering together until it "solidifies" as one. Another sweet treat is Bukayo which is a combination coconut meat and sugar. It comes in two forms - dry like the ones above and those "wet" one often found on top of suman latik. Completing the sweet picture are macapuno balls and puto-seko which are also among the popular native sweets and snacks.

Pork Liempo "White" Adobo

So what is "white" adobo? It is basically the usual adobo recipe minus one major ingredient - soy sauce or toyo. It's been a fad years ago and it stayed on making it a successful experiment ot whomever made the first "white" adobo. There are no secret ingredients to this - just omit soy sauce, from your usual recipe. And choosing the right meat part can also make it a recipe to remember. Enjoy!

Here's a simple recipe for Pork Liempo White Adobo

Chicken Sotanghon

It's been a while since the last I made a sotanghon recipe so I volunteered to make one during a simple birthday lunch. I love making sotanghin guisado one using shredded chicken with lots of ground pepper. And cooking one is just very simple and this recipe can be used in making either a dry pancit sotanghin guisado or a soup version.
Here's the simple recipe for making Chicken Sotanghon