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Bangus Galore

For Pinoys, bangus or milkfish is an all time favorite. It's versatility to be made into 101 recipes (or even more) is just what makes it a hit in every Filipino kitchen - whether in restaurants or at home. Fried, grilled, stuffed,  cooked in broth or whichever way you prefer it-  there's always a recipe.
Here are the links to some Bangus Recipes.

Pancit Lomi

Pancit Lomi is another Pinoy noodle soup dish which has a big Chinese influence on it. It has a rich, thick and egg "enriched"broth that complements the meat and vegetables. The noodles used is among the thickest in the Philippine culinary scene and most of the time, soaked in lye water to give it more texture. Because of its popularity around the country, the recipe varies from household to household as well as in the carinderias and restaurants offering the dish.

Here's a simple Pancit Lomi recipe...

LunchBox: Home-made goodness

So what's in today's LunchBox? For appetizer, there's Cucumber-Tomato salad in vinegar dressing perfect to whet your appetite. Cross between appetizer and side dish is Radish with Ground Pork yet it can become an ulam on its own. There's a Healthy Torta made with lobo-lobo fish (dulong) which is not fried at all! And the main gastronomic events are the Pinakbet and Chicken Inasal - a perfect combo of meat and veggies.  

Labanos with Giniling

Most likely you've encountered labanos or radish in a Sinigang recipe or as an appetizer with vinegar dressing. But on its own, I love its peppery-bitter (or how might you call it) taste. If it's in season or if its really cheap in the market, we'd have like a "Labanos Festival" at home. And here's one of the simplest recipes using radish.
Here's the recipe for Labanos Guisado with Ground Pork.

Isda-an sa Iloilo Terminal Market aka "Super"

Passed by these "fresh fishes for sale" stall at the Iloilo Terminal Market and I can't help but take a snapshot of this "fishy" scene. It seems that they are screaming with freshness (the Iloilo Fish Port Complex is just nearby) to every passerby. And with these fish in mind, I recall and summarize some of the fish recipes (just click on the caption in each photo) on this blog and I hope you find them useful. Fish be with you...

Pork Tenderloin with Onion and Bellpeppers "Stir-Fry"

This recipe is a favorite at home as it is appetizing and delicious at the same time easy and simple to cook. It just involves marinating and frying and is a versatile recipe so you can tweak it to suit your own taste. The ingredients are also easy to find or. substituted. 
Here's the recipe for Pork Tenderloin with Onion and Bellpeppers "Stir-Fry"

Balingon / Dilis

Balingon or dilis is a mainstay of most Filipino breakfast, together with tabagak (tuyo) and pinakas (salted daing). But among the three, I find dilis the most versatile as I have tried cooking and eating more balingon recipes. As there are many variations of balingon, chances are there can be as many recipes. Check these out...
The simplest is just frying it oil and complementing it fresh tomatoes and onions as Ilonggos would called "hanggop or hinanggop". The flavours and texture contrast makes it a delight to the tastebuds!