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Crispy Pork "Kilawin"

While the original kilawin recipe calls for raw meat or seafood to be part of the dish "cooked" with  the acidity of vinegar, this dish is an offshoot adaptation of the recipe. Its more of friendly to those who don't want to ingest something "raw" but in some sense get the know how kilawin tastes. It's basically deep-fried pork (left-over lechon kawali is perfect for this recipe) served kilawin-style. 
Here's the recipe for Crispy Pork "Kilawin"

Fried Fish Galore

Here's a collection of pinirito na isda that would surely make you crave for one or remember the taste of home. Enjoy and extra rice please!
ALOY. Aside from fried, pinamalhan is another great way to cook aloy.
But one can also fry pinamalhan na aloy to get a burst of flavors

Fruit of the Day: Star Apple or Kaymito

One of the most common fruit trees in our yard, we might have around 10 and the question that still remain unanswered is that what is star apple in the local dialect? Kaymito is the Tagalog name but I've grown calling this to be star apple ever since. And there are two varieties, the purple and the white with green skin. The former is the most common and is perfect with condensed milk as dessert or freeze a little bit then it becomes a fruity ice cream!

Pork Adobo sa Istiwitis (Achuete)

One of the many variations of a Pinoy staple dish, Pork Adobo, is using achuete (annatto) to give a distinct flavour, color and aroma making it more visually appealing and of course more delicious. It still basically follows the same recipe but just minimizes the use of the soy sauce.

Here's a recipe for Pork Adobo with Achuete.