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I just love fishballs! I can finish 10 sticks of this deliciously appetizing meryenda or even more. The combination of the crispy fried balls with the savory sauce (make mine hot!) makes every bite a burst of exciting flavors that I rave and crave for. My fave fish ball stand is Joann's Special Fishballs at Molo Plaza and they are second to none!
Here's a simple recipe for Fish Balls which could almost "mimic" the fishballs Joann's sell, in some ways.

Ginisang Sardinas with Miswa

One of the simplest breakfast (all around) staple is sauteed canned sardines with miswa. It is an easy to cook recipe with plain ginisang sardinas and miswa but you can add vegetables and tweak the recipe as I always do. Extra rice, please!

Here's a simple yet special recipe for Ginisang Sardinas with Miswa

Inubaran na Manok

Inubaran basically means the dish is cooked with ubad. No, it's not a typo error, it is really ubad not ubod - different from but practically the same. Confusing? Well ubod is the pith or the center of a coconut tree while ubad is the pith of a banana tree.
To make this dish, one has to prepare an ubad for cooking - first thinly slice, around half a centimeter, the cleaned pith (must be very white and sized like a fluorescent lamp to be sure of the quality.) . Then using a barbecue stick, remove web like fibers "interconnecting" these slices (these are actually hardened banana sap). When finished you can crush is into smaller pieces and add to your cooking.

Here's a recipe for Inubaran na Manok

Binago-ongang Lechon Kawali

Everybody loves the crunch and bite of Lechon Kawali. And I love it even more because this crispy pork dish is versatile enough to fuse or combine with other Filipino specialties dishes like sinigang, pinakbet, kilawin and binago-ongan, to name a few. All it takes is your gastronomic imagination to create these delicious combination of recipes and make a new and exciting dish!
Here's the recipe for Binago-ongang Lechon Kawali

Kusahos: Ilonggo-style tapa

Kusahos is my favorite way of enjoying beef. it is basically sun-dried beef strips marinated adobo style - that is with vinegar, garlic and soy sauce, among others. After an overnight marination, it is then sun-dried for a few days - watch for flies as this is a fly-magnet! The drier it becomes, the better tasting it will become. It is then deep fried or at time placed directly over charcoal, for a crunchy-lious local beef gastronomic experience. 
Here's the recipe for Kusahos

Sambag (Tamarind) Balls

Sambag (tamarind) candy is an acquired taste as it is a combination of "screaming" sweet and sour flavours in just one bite. Another version of this well-loved sambag candy is one shaped into balls and rolled in sugar. Sweet potato or kamote is used as extender at the same time giving it body to form into balls. 

Here's the recipe for Sambag Balls Candy