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Sinigang nga Bangrus

While sinabawan is the more basic Ilonggo sinigang where mostly tomatoes and onions make the dish, sinigang will always be my personal favorite. Just the sour broth alone would be a perfect partner for a cup of rice (usually it's cupS of rice). I even like it more with a lot of vegetables - radish, eggplant, string beans and kangkong, among others. Of course there's the bangrus with all its delicious belly! Yum yum...
Here's the recipe for a Sinigang nga Bangus

Red Kamote Juice

A refreshing and healthy cooler, this red kamote juice is made with red kamote tops with calamansi juices. It is very simple to make yet tricky as finding the right kamote tops would sometimes be a challenge. Good thing the local wet market has almost a steady supply of red kamote tops most of the time, so we can enjoy this delicious juice anytime we want.
Here's how to make Red Kamote Juice

Fruit and Macaroni Salad

Macaroni Salad is a staple dessert during special occasions. Aside from being easy to make, it is also versatile to easily suit your taste and budget. And whatever your end product maybe or how it will look like, it still is a salad and chances are they will be asking for more!
So here's a basic recipe of a macaroni and fruit salad.

Sarciadong isda

There are many ways to make Sarciadong Isda thus a generic name for this recipe. It is basically fried fish topped with sauce made mainly of tomatoes and it can be also like a sweet and sour recipe. But this one is simpler and takes less ingredients at the same time easy to tweak to suit your own taste.
Here's a basic recipe for Sarciadong Isda