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Dried Danggit

I love dried danggit and I'm pretty sure, you do too! Now, who doesn't? It's probably one of the most popular dried fishes together with the many varieties of tuyo/pinakas and dilis/balingon. And fried danggit is the bomb! With just vinegar or calamansi as dip or some fresh tomatoes as side dish, it often makes you say "Extra rice, please!".
I love the meatier type of danggit wherein you can actually bite some of the dried flesh of the fish. Compared with the thin and smaller ones where in its just it may seem like just dried plastic and often are sharp enough to cut you gums, meatier danggit is la delight in every bite.

While, dried danggit is more often fried, I also prefer cookign it right on top of charcoal. Aside from being  oil-free, cooking  by direct heat through flame or charcoal gives it a rather flavour and aroma. That's it - danggit!

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