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Fried Fish Galore

Here's a collection of pinirito na isda that would surely make you crave for one or remember the taste of home. Enjoy and extra rice please!
ALOY. Aside from fried, pinamalhan is another great way to cook aloy.
But one can also fry pinamalhan na aloy to get a burst of flavors

BANGUS. No matter how it is cooked, bangus will always be delicious and here's fried daing na bangus.
Another Ilonggo favorite is bilong-bilong whether fried or pinamalhan.
I'm not sure if this is GUMA-A but it is surely delicious. Perfect for cardillo - that is covered in sauteed garlic, onions, tomatoes and egg . Or try sweet and sour/escabeche
ABO. I love this fish since when fried it can be as crunchy as chicharon

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