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Fruit of the Day: Indian Mango

A foreign sounding fruit yet very close to the hearts to the Pinoys - Indian Mango! Very popular because of its very tamed sourness even when "green", Indian mango is a popular snack among the Pinoys especially pair with rock salt and of course bago-ong.
We are very fortunate at home that we have Indian mango trees that give us fresh produce at certain times of the year that we just wait for them to be of the right size and just pick them from the branches. Right then and there, we enjoy the fruit under the its shade. 
Unlike its cousin the regular Carabao mangoes which is famed for its sweetness when ripe, Indian mango is not really as tasty when ripe. Its way better when its still green with subtle hints of sourness. But still an Indian mango, whether ripe or unripe, still gives us that salivating sensation that makes us crave for more.

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