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Turbo Oven broiled Lechon Liempo

On special occasions at home, these crispy golden brown liempo are always a staple. Aside from being visually appetizing and delicious, it is very easy to prepare - that is if you have the right equipment. Our ever reliable turbo oven (maybe over 20 years?) has been giving us these delicious crispy slabs of liempo ever since I can remember.
The basic recipe calls for slabs of liempo to be boiled in a concoction of peppercorn, garlic, bay leaves and other spices - just like making crispy pata. When it becomes tender, set it aside for a while to drain the excess water or sort of pat-dry when you need to cook it immediately.
Arrange in the turbo oven and cooked around 30 minutes (or so) on each side until you get the perfect browning and crunch you prefer. Each side means the 4 sides (up,down,left and right - lol) with the fatty portion/skin side last before serving as it serves as the "cherry on top". The crunchier the better!
To serve, chop into bite-size pieces and pair with your favorite dipping sauce or sawsawan. Be it the usual Mang Tomas or my unsual cocncoction of banana ketchup, calamansi and sili or hot sauce. You can also make the sou sauce, vinegar, onion and sili dip. Just enjoy it your way - extra rice please!

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