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Chili Cheese Lumpia

How about spicying up the usual cheese lumpia? Try making chili cheese lumpia for a pica-pica or side dish that will surely be a blast - a simple recipe but with an explosion of flavors. 
Here's a simple recipe for CHILI-CHEESE LUMPIA

  • Green finger chilies (siling pansigang)
  • Lumpia wrapper
  • Cheese cut into sticks
  • Oil for frying
  1. Wash the chilies thoroughly.
  2. Remove the seeds (where the chili flavor is found) by making vertical slits on the chilis. Be sure to also remove the white "veins" inside. Wash again to make everything is removed.
  3. Stuff each chili with cheese. You can also add more flavoring and stuffing like bacon bits or ground pork (sauteed)
  4. Wrap each chili in lumpia wrapper. One regular size lumpia wrapper can wrap two or more chilies depending on the size. Just cut them accordingly.
  5. Deep fry until golden brown.
  6. Place cooked lumpia in a plate with tissue paper to absorb the oil or in a collander to let the oil drip.
  7. Serve with mayo, catsup or mustard. Or you can serve it on its own.

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