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Eat's All at SM Southpoint : Gourmet Dimsum Cafe

There's a new dimsum place in town and they're serving dim sum all imported from Singapore! And they have more to offer other than  Chinese specialties of small steamed or fried savory dumplings served on small steamer baskets.
SM City Iloilo invited members of the Iloilo Bloggers for a gastronomic adventure showcasing SM Southpoint.
SM Southpoint creates a relaxing mall experience with its wide garden space and al fresco ambiance.
The newest hang-out of the Ilonggos is an al fresco wing of the biggest mall in the region consisting of local and home grown restaurants and cafes as well new local and "imported" players in the food service industry. It's time to discover what SM Southpoint has to offer ...
Gourmet Dimsum is among the new "imported" players calling SM Southpoint its new home. "Imported" since they have a branch (or two) in Manila and almost everything you eat here is imported from Singapore. 

And when it comes to dim sum, the most popular are the dumplings and no doubt that siomai is the most famous dumpling. It many variants such as pork, beef, chicken, shark's fin and many more.
We got to sample four of Gourmet Dimsum's Singapore-made sio mai - pork, chicken, shrimp and pepper. My favorite turned out to be the shrimp siomai (I think the green one above) that even without the chili oil dip, it was already full of flavor.
New to me was the Pepper siomai (below) with the obvious presence of peppercorns I assume giving it a "peppery taste", ofcourse.
Hakaw or har gow / ha gow is another favorite and it's a shrimp filled meat dumpling with "pleats" on its wrapper.
Ofcourse, pork buns are a must-try at any dim sum place.
Aside from dim sum they also have Indian specialties, as Singapore is a melting pot of cultures thus its gastronomy is also a mix of Asian flavors and cuisine but still uniquely theirs.
 We tried two kinds of roti which is an unleavened Indian flat bread. The Roti Onion paratha has the distinct taste of onion in every mouthful and it comes with three sauces - fruity, savory and chocolatey.
I love the Honey Roti with Egg - sweet and savory with an Indian twist.
Go order a bowl of Laksa is your prefer a spicy noodle soup with shrimps other toppings. You can partner it with fried mantou, which on it's own is already a delcious treat. I could eat a whole or mantou bread if too much cholesterol isn't a problem.   
And you can't claim to be a "Singaporean restaurant" if you don't serve what is considered to be one of the national dishes of the island territory - Hainanese Chicken Rice
We only tasted only a few of what Gourmet Dimsum has to offer and will check it out some other time to discover new delights and of course repeat order what we enjoyed during this food tasting. 

I will end this SM Southpoint series with my Top 3 picks based on my personal taste. This is just limited on the food served to us during the food tasting and is not representative of the whole menu.

My Gourmet Dimsum Top 3 picks
  • Shrimp (that green one) Siomai 
  • Onion Roti 
  • Honey Roti with Egg
- The fried Mantou is also good but its just "on the side" but order this again and again

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