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Paklay (Sauteed Bamboo Shoots)

I grew up knowing this dish as paklay. It has become one of my favorite ways of cooking bamboo shoots (tambo) aside from making ginat-an nga tambo. I just love the taste of the young bamboo shoots without any overpowering flavour and the texture too. The recipe is simple and can be tweaked according to your taste and available ingredients.
Here's the recipe for Paklay.

Sinamak - Ilonggo Spiced Vinegar

Every region in the Philippines has it's own version of a spiced vinegar and a name for it. In most parts of Western Visayas especially in Iloilo, it is known as sinamak. One can find it almost anywhere for it is a staple dip in almost every household and native restaurants. Be it chicken inasal or grilled pork chop to seafoods especially talaba, sinamak is the perfect dip to further one's appetite.
The recipe varies from each household and the percentage of the "ingredients" too but always present are siling labuyo (green and red for color variation and makes it more visually appetizing), ginger (locals used langkawas or galangal but regular ginger will do) and garlic.

Ginisang Alugbati, Kalabasa at Patola

Alugbati is definitely my favorite as I grew up having this green and leafy vegetable on the dinner table. No matter how its cooked, I always end up having a big appetite for the dish it becomes. Whether sauteed with meat or seafood and other vegetables or part of ginisang monggo dish, its always a gastronomic delight to have alugbati.
Here's a simple recipe for Ginisang Alugbati

Pinamalhan na Bilong-Bilong

Pinamalhan is paksiw made dry but can also be loosely referred to as cooking fish dry the adobo way. It involves "stewing" the fish in vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, peppers and other spices until dry then add a bit of oil. Ilonggos love pinamalhan and if it's bilong bilong or chabita (moonfish), they love it even more. It's a combination of gastronomical proportions that often brings extra cup of kalo-kalo (fried rice) and spoils anyone's diet. 

Here's a simple recipe for Pinamalhan na Bilong-Bilong

Creamy Avocado Delight

It's avocado season once again and when there's lots of these delicious fruits around I tend to make some simple desserts. I got a kilo of avocado from a street side vendor and it was 6 pieces of medium size fruits. The simplest thing to do with avocados is just to add condensed milk for a creamy dessert. From this, you can make it into an ice cream, smoothie or which ever dessert you imagination can take you. 
Here's a simple recipe for an Creamy Avocado Dessert