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Pata ala Lauya

The mention of Lauya brings back the food memories of yesteryears. It was a typical fiesta scene in a barrio that I got to taste this cholesteroliffic and delicious pork dish. I can still vividly remember that decades old gastronomic memory - very tender and almost fall of the bone pata, vivid orange sour and sticky broth, large chunks of unripe langka; all in one big large kaldero! And it's been really a while since I've tried to recreate that taste memory and a few days ago, it was worth another try.
Here's my simple recipe for Pata Lauya

  • 2 kilos pata (see notes below)
  • Unripe Jackfruit, large chunks/cubes, just proportion it with the pata
  • 1 table spoon Achuete powder, adjustable 
  • 6 pcs Batwan or any souring fruit or broth cubes/powder
  • 2pcs Siling pansigang
  • Water,enough for boiling
  • 1/2 table spoon Salt, adjustable
How to make Pata ala Lauya
  1. Wash and clean pata
  2. In a large pot, place pata, salt and enough water then boil until tender. It may take 45 minutes to an hour for regular boiling and less time when pressured cooked.
  3. When tender, add jackfruit and boil until the langka becomes tender too. Make sure the langka is tender before adding souring ingredients.
  4. Add batwan and boil it under the broth becomes sour enough according to your taste.
  5. Add achuete powder and mix thoroughly, You can add more to get the desired hue of the broth.
  6. Add siling pansigang and make adjustments (souring, saltiness, color, etc) and remove from heat
  7. Serve with rice.
If  you prefer, you can make thsi dish using choiced pata slices (those in the upper part of the leg -bone encirclred with meat then the fat and skin ). For the remaining  pata parts, you can make it into Paksiw na Pata.

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