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Fried Ibos

How about some Fried Ibos? This creation makes a  new taste, texture and flavor dimension to a well-loved native delicacy -suman sa ibos. It's easy, just fry the ibos and serve it with the its usual partners - fresh ripe mango (or in jelly dip) and tsokolate tablea. Or you can have it with honey or pulot

One of the best and most creative fried ibos I've tried is from Chef Maridel Uygongco who calls her creation - YSL. The recipe was just simple, the ibos are sliced and fried until it becomes crispy. The sauce was made from cream and butter sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon powder. Over low fire, created it to one's desired flavour and consistency. Then it's plating time as the cream goes first then the ibos are arranged and finally topped with fresh fruits of choice like ripe mangoes or langka. 

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