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Sweet and Spicy Dilis

I often experimented with this recipe based on the taste memories I had of my last sweet and spicy dilis snack. Good thing, balingon or dilis is always available inside the fridge and so as the other ingredients. And making one is very simple, just frying and mixing - it's really that easy.

So here's my very simple recipe which you can tweak to adjust to your own taste. I don't usually put in the measurement for most of the time I just thrown in what ever there is and adjust it during the process.

Sweet and Spicy Dilis Recipe
  • Dilis
  • Sugar
  • Catsup and/or Sweeet & Chili Sauce
  • Chili Powder
  • Oil
How to make Sweet and Spicy Dilis
  1. Place oil in a pan and when the oil it hot, lower the flame and fry the dilis.
  2. Add sugar and mix. Wait for it to melt a bit
  3. Add catsup/sweet&chili sauce and chili powder. Adjust the amount of these to suit your taste.
  4. Put the sweet and spicy dilis on a strainer or plate with table napkin to let the oil drip.
  5. Best eaten dipped in vinegar.

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