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Nilagang Okra

When there is more than enough okra, it becomes a mainstay on the menu at home. Be it on pinakbet, sinigang, laswa and other dishes or just simply nilaga and other simple recipes which I tend to experiment on most of the time. I even just pop them inside the microwave oven at times for an instant side dish! 
Easiest among these is Nilagang Okra with Bago-ong - just partner boiled or steamed okra with ginisang bago-ong for a simple yet fulfilling sidedish. Or you can just by ready to serve bago-ong at the groceries. I often mix it with a little calamansi so that the sour and salty taste combination would make it even more appetizing.

Okra and Kamote Tops Salad is ade with steamed okra and kamote tops with local langgaw (vinegar) with fresh tomatoes, onions and chives as garnish. It was a play of colors, textures and flavours all in one plate. But at times, I may tweak the recipe a bit by adding some guinamos (bago-ong) to the vinegar dressing and/or olive or sesame oil. Now my mouth just waters at the thought ...

Okra and Kangkong in Butter and Garlic a very easy recipe that even non-seasoned (no pun intended) cooks can do like a boss. In just minutes, one can make this delicious side dish that goes well with fried or grilled meat or fish. Check out this link for the simple recipe

This Okra and Sausage Omelette may sound not simple but really its just like frying an egg. But first I steam or microwave the okra then slice into bite-size pieces. Then I mix it with sliced sausages, beaten eggs, salt and pepper (to taste). Then just fry over hot oil or in a non stick pan. You can have more eggs so that it really looks more of an omelette.

One of my favorite recipes is this Hot and Sour (Canned) Mackerel Soup with Okra. It may sound complicated at first but this can be made in just minutes. Basically, it's just canned mackerel which I drained (oil set aside) then fry until almost toasted then set aside. Then I saute garlic, onion and chilis then aside mackerel oil and around 1/4 cup of water. I then boil the okra then add sinigang mix (the more sour the better - that's how I like it). Finally when everything's cooked I transfer it in a bowl then finally topped it with the fried mackerel and drizzle some sesame oil.

BUT you can do away the frying and sauteeing, just steam/microwave the okra then add it to the canned mackerel and put a little tamarind mix and water. You can also do with this canned tuna and sardines too.

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