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Pinoy Meryenda: Nilagang Mais

I just love nilagang mais! And I love it even more that a pack consisting of around 5 pieces costs just Php15 in our town. So most of the time I buy two or even three since I know I can finish one pack in just one sitting.
Most of the time its the native variety that's sold and peddled in and around town, either as nilaga or sinugba (PhP15/2 pieces).

And of course there's the Japanese sweet corn variety which our town also grows in one of its baranggays so its easy access and cheaper for us at only PhP100/pack of 6s, uncooked. It it isn't much of a bother to boil them for we know we will greatly enjoy sinking our teeth into the juicy piece of mais. No butter or whatsoever - just plained boiled mais!

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