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Mani: Sugar-coated, Adobo and Boiled

Peanuts are among the most popular street foods in the country. You can find them almost anywhere, anytime and in different varieties too. Lately, I've been eating assorted peanuts without much thought about blogging about it. Until came such a time when I had four variants in my stock that I finally thought of sharing them online.

The most popular, I believe, is salted peanuts. Also known as adobo peanuts. They are deep fried then seasoned with salt and other spices. And yes, everybody loves the fried garlic chips in it.
The simplest peanuts sold in the street are those still in their "shells". Boiled and sold in makeshift boilers to assured hot peanuts anytime and anywhere.
These ones probably are for the kids and kids at heart, sugar coated peanuts. One of the harder to prepare peanut variants, it's a delight to bite into their crunchy and sweet cover then taste the peanut later.
Ofcourse, this is how boiled peanuts looklike when their shells are taken off. One of the joys (or burdens) of eating these is cracking them off from the shell.
Another variety of adobo peanuts are those with skins peeled off to expose the light colored peanuts. They still taste like regular salted peanuts though but no more annoying skin.

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