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Iron Grill : Smokin' your favorites at SM City Iloilo Foodcourt

I'm still torn between the Cheesy Backribs and Baked Oysters even if it's been a few days since our food binge at the newest tenant of the SM City Iloilo Foodcourt - Iron Grill. I definitely love ribs but certainly cannot say no to baked oysters too!
The taste combination of the juicy backribs and the cheese toppings creates a savory sweet gastronomic sensation that you'd just keep on indulging on the meaty-cheesy rice bowl. The cheese-garlic-oyster trio aside from having a "sumptuous" aroma could make you suffer a food coma since you will be having difficulty stopping eating the delectable baked shellfish. The dilemma...
Iron Grill, owned by Lilac Jean Orleans and Jeffrey Tio, at the foodcourt of SM City Iloilo started to entice the mall-goers last June. It combines American concept of food offering with some local favorites and focuses mainly on grilled specialties.
Served on a metal tray are their grilled specialties that comes as combo meals - that is with rice and soup.
When you're in doubt what to order, the gold ol' Grilled Chicken is both a familiar and safe order. And it's grilled to golden brown perfection that makes it more appetizing to eat.
More chicken? Try the Buffalo Wings served on skewers! Its the savory and spicy chicken recipe you love served as a combo meal rather than appetizer.
If you're into seafood, there's Grilled Salmon for you. I'd have salmon, anytime and anywhere that I finished this one all by myself on top of my two faves above.  Of course, cheese is the common denominator, this one with pesto sauce. 
Going more local, there's Stuffed Grilled Squid withe sliced tomatoes sidings.
But if you're a carnivore, you have many options. Among them are the Hungarian Sausages that come with mayo? dip. I just love how crisp it was on the outside yet still juicy inside.  
You can also have the Prime Rib (standing rib steak) served with Chimichurri Sauce - made of finely-chopped parsley, minced garlic, vegetable oil, oregano, and white vinegar. (from Wikipedia)
But not all dishes served are grilled at Iron Grill. They also have rice bowls like this Beef Bowl
They also snack items when it's too late for lunch yet still early for dinner. Enjoy their thick-sliced Mojos dipped in cheesy mayo or some Nachos with fried chicken on the side (or the other way around).
Or have the fried chicken served with meatball spaghetti which was surprisingly delicious despite after all the heavy (rice combos) food we had before that.
Another relevation was the Smoked BBQ Hawaiian Pizza which we sort of snubbed at first. But a single bite changed all that - it instantly was a hit among us. The thin wheat crust gave it a different taste dimension as well as the cheese used. And the blow torch it when the cooked (with a foil at the bottom on the grill). 
It started with cheese and it's fitting to go back to the top whether it's the Cheesy Ribs or the Cheesy Baked Oysters that made our Iron Grill food binge such a satisfying gastronomic experience...
... let me stare at these photos once again and relive the taste memories. And maybe, just maybe, I can decide which really stood out. If not, a visit to Iron Grill wouldn't be so bad.

Check out Iron Grill on Facebook for the complete menu 
and new offerings up their sleeves.

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