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Spanish-style Bangus Sardines

Bangus (or milkfish) is among the most popular fishes that tend to make it on the Filipino dining table. With its versatility, it can be cook in so many ways - grilled, paksiw, soup, fried, relyeno (stuffed) and a whole lot. In a simple gourmet style of cooking, it is most often made in Spanish-style sardines taking cue from the popular assortment of smaller fishes made into this kind of delicacy.

Here's a simple recipe for a Home-made Bangus Spanish-Style Sardines


Kare-kare is a Filipino stew made usually with pork or beef with a peanut based thick sauce. As it is quite plain when it comes to flavour despite its thick sauce, it is often partnered with guisadong bago-ong (sauteed shrimp paste) to get the full goodness of this favorite Filipino recipe.

Here's a simple recipe for Kare-kare.

Buko Pandan Delight

Buko Pandan is among the most popular Pinoy desserts and easiest to make. Its just a combination of young coconut strips called buko, gelatin cubes with the essence of pandan and a creamy concoction made with milk and cream. The preparation of a basic Buko-Pandan recipe is mainly on the making if the pandan-based gelatin. 

Here's a simple recipe for Buko-Pandan:

Sweet and Sour Fish

 Whenever there are some left over fried fish at home, chances it will end as either cardillo or sweet-and-sour. While the former is cooked by adding beaten egg to the sauteed fried fish for a savoury dish the latter has the vinegar and sugar combination that creates a flavourful sauce for the fish. And there so many variations to the sweet and sour fish recipe but all point to the delicious mix of "sugared vinegar"! 
Here's the recipe for Sweet and Sour Fish

Goat Skin Kilawin

I'm not not really fond of having goat meat as part of my gastronomy. But if it is kilawin made with goat skin, bring it on! The taste and texture combination creates an exciting burst of flavour - grilled tender yet crunchy-chewy mixed with the spicy and tangy dressing makes it a perfect appetizer or a beet match!
Here's a simple recipe for Goat Skin Kilawin