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Mention laswa and a merry mix of vegetables would come to mind. This is a perfect "realization" of the Filipino folk song "Bahay Kubo" which narrates an abundance of vegetables beside the traditional Filipino hut. Laswa has no definite list of ingredients nor way or cooking as it is just "stewing" available vegetables, not only from the garden, but what's inside your fridge or you bought from the market.It ranges from the simple all vegetable dish to ones having seafood like shrimps, crabs and more. But in the end it all boils (pun intended) down to what you prefer at the same time, what is available.
Here's a simple recipe for Laswa

What's your Pamahaw?

As a main meal, pamahaw means almusal or breakfast. the typical Ilonggo pamahaw would usual consist of dried seafood like tabagak (tuyo), balingon (dilis) or pinakas (sundried and salted daing) plus egg and rice. Processed meats like choriso (longganisa), tapa and tocino also form part of the 1st meal of the day. 

So, what's your typical pamahaw